Personal Loans

Cover all sorts of costs or enjoy a few of life's pleasures.

Friendly interest rates mean affordable personal loan payments.

A personal loan is a good way to make ends meet when bills stack up, the car breaks down or remodeling your New York or Connecticut home is on the agenda. Or go ahead and add spice to your life by buying something or doing something special for your family. 

Installment Loan

Borrow up to $10,000 for home improvements or up to $5,000 for other needs.

Collateralized Loan

Take steps to improve your credit rating with a loan secured by money in your Patriot Bank Certificate of Deposit (CD).  

Smart-E Loan

Get greener with a project or appliance purchase that makes your home more energy efficient.

* This is not a loan commitment. All loan requests require an application and are subject to the Bank’s credit underwriting process for the requested loan.