Patriot Bank and Your Trust

An important message from our President & CEO and Chairman.

Patriot Bank is well diversified and safe

The news of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank may have left you with questions or concerns relating to your relationship with Patriot Bank. We would like to share our views with you, while assuring you of the protection of your relationship and assets held at Patriot.

Silicon Valley Bank (“SVB”) is a very large bank that is focused on technology start-up companies and the venture capital industry that funds them. SVB has grown dramatically, having doubled since Covid-19 to over $211 billion in size. Signature Bank is a large $110 billion, well-respected commercial bank that has recently amassed a heavy concentration in the cryptocurrency segment. U.S. regulators swiftly and decisively intervened to manage the fate of each institution and to assure that depositors at both banks are protected and made whole. Both institutions remain in operation, while regulators work towards determining how they will be either restructured or sold.

We believe these events to be isolated and will not lead to a broader, systemic failure in the banking system experienced in 2008. The regulators’ quick and effective response to the situation is validating. As a result, we do not believe there will be spillover from these events to traditional, well-managed, community banks. While we applaud the regulators’ support to provide liquidity and fully protect depositors, we want to highlight that Patriot’s business model is materially different from these higher risk banks. We reassure you that Patriot Bank is NOT engaged in banking in the cryptocurrency sector, and we do not lend money to pre-revenue, technology startups. We remain focused on serving the banking needs of consumers, small businesses, and commercial customers within our community.

Last week Patriot proudly reported favorable results for 2022’s fiscal year end, with loan growth, up 14.7% and deposit growth up 14.9%. As reflected in our SEC-filed earnings report filed last week, Patriot’s balance sheet, customer and loan portfolio is exceptionally diversified, well balanced, and safe. We expect continued and responsible growth and performance throughout the balance of 2023 and beyond.

Uncertainty related to other large and regional banks has triggered inbound demand for a secure and trusted community banking relationship. Over recent days, this has led to a net-inflow of new deposits and account openings, along with an expansion of our banking relationship with existing Patriot customers. For the trust you have placed in us, we thank you! We stand ready to address any questions you have and assist you with safely managing your assets and relationship with us. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you have.


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Robert Russell                             Michael Carrazza
President & CEO                          Chairman


Patriot Bank is a full-service financial institution with branches in the Connecticut counties of Fairfield and New Haven, as well as in Scarsdale, New York.