Choose the Best Checking Account for You

Explore the overall benefits of checking accounts and different options offered.

Choose the Best Checking Account for You

In this era of digital wallets and cryptocurrency, you may ask what value there is in a checking account? The answer: plenty. Checking accounts have evolved to keep pace with the modern world. In fact, nearly 95% of U.S. households have a checking account, according to the FDIC. Why? A personal checking account remains one of the most secure, convenient ways to quickly deposit or withdraw your money, pay bills and budget. And, many come with perks that make life easier, give you money back and more.

Benefits of a checking account

Checking products and services from banks and credit unions usually are less than the fees you’d pay to access funds through check-cashing stores and payday lenders. Many checking accounts come with debit and ATM cards, giving you 24/7 access to your money. What else could make checking more appealing? Well, your bank or credit-union deposits are federally insured, up to $250,000 per qualified account.

There are many types of checking accounts, each with different features and benefits. Let’s explore the checking account types at Patriot Bank so we can help choose which might be the best checking account for you.

Patriot Checking Account

A Patriot Checking Account from Patriot Bank offers paper checks, a debit or ATM card upon approval and online bill-pay options. This type of checking account requires a minimum average daily balance of $1,000 or direct deposit to avoid a $12 monthly maintenance fee. Patriot Checking also offers ATM fee rebates and access to an array of digital banking tools.

Star Banking Account

This checking account mirrors a traditional checking account, yet it’s loaded with perks, like paper checks, unlimited rebates on non-Patriot ATM fees, bonus rates on CDs, and the ability to receive promo rates on savings accounts. To keep the bonuses, or earn higher interest, the Star Banking Account requires a higher average daily balance between this account and at least one other linked non-checking deposit account.

College Bound Checking Account

Aimed at college students, age 18-23, this student checking account can be a great way for young adults to begin managing their money, using their own debit card for purchases or cash withdrawals. As savings, the College Bound Checking Account has no minimum balance requirement and no minimum opening deposit. We also rebate the fees on your first four monthly withdrawals from non-Patriot ATMs. Additionally, you receive 24/7 access to our online and mobile banking tools.  

eChecking Account

Patriot Bank’s eChecking Account option is aimed towards our environmentally friendly and tech-savvy customers. With unlimited access to our online and mobile banking tools, a low opening deposit, no monthly minimum balance, and low (or no) monthly fees, this account is packed with perks.

Open a checking account today

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