Local Digital Marketing Entrepreneur Shares Key Insights on Driving Business Success

Westport Library's

(Left to right): Patriot Bank President and CEO Kenneth Neilson, Al’s Angels Founder Al DiGuido and Westport Library Executive Director Bill Harmer


Local digital marketing entrepreneur and Al’s Angels Founder Al DiGuido recently offered insights and fielded questions from a variety of business leaders on the key strategies for building and leading successful businesses, as part of the Westport Library’s “Insight from Entrepreneurs” series.

Some 80 participants learned essential truths about what it takes to achieve success in a wide variety of business ventures during the interactive discussion, sponsored by Patriot Bank, N.A. and Bernstein Global Wealth Management.

“Patriot Bank is proud to support events like Westport Library’s ‘Insights from Entrepreneurs’, which makes CEO thought leadership accessible to current and aspiring business leaders,” said Kenneth Neilson, Patriot Bank President and CEO. “Mr. DiGuido offered his wisdom from many years as an entrepreneur, incorporating his principles for courage, passion, high energy and tremendous generosity into all of his endeavors.”

The discussion included key insights into identifying marketplace trends, leveraging technology to generate sales and profits, enhancing ROI performance, acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers. Mr. DiGuido also discussed his no-nonsense, direct and tactical approach to converting dreams into reality.

Mr. DiGuido is the founder of the Bridgeport-based nonprofit Al’s Angels, which provides moments of joy and comfort, as well as lifesaving medical treatment, to more than 9,000 children and families challenged by cancers, rare blood diseases, domestic violence and financial hardships. He is also CEO of Zeta Interactive, where he evolved the email business into a fully integrated technology platform, services and strategies operation.

“Much of success in business and achieving our goals and objectives is about winning small battles. If we try to take on the world as our first step…we can become distracted and disillusioned,” said Mr. DiGuido. “It was great to provide some focus to those who attended the seminar on the importance of understanding and obsessing over a customer’s need so as to provide products and services that truly satisfy that need. When we connect customer needs with our solution and market the unique selling proposition of our solution…we are focused in the right place to build something special.”

The entrepreneur has built an award-winning digital media and direct marketing career with successful businesses in publishing, digital media, non-profit and retail. Mr. DiGuido is known for his expertise in how evolving media platforms drive brand success in today’s economy.

“It is such a pleasure to be a part of a great collaborative effort with Patriot Bank and Bernstein Global Wealth Management to bring exceptional business leaders like Al DiGuido, with his global reach and local roots, to share insights with the community of Westport. It demonstrates the amazing talent that exists in our community and the generosity of experts in so many fields who come to the library and offer their wealth of experience each day,” said Westport Library Executive Director Bill Harmer.

Past speakers of the “Insight from Entrepreneurs” series have included Rick Smilow, president and owner of The Institute of Culinary Education; Doug Bernstein, Westport resident and co-founder of Melissa & Doug® toy company; and Joseph Zaffe, co-author of Z.E.R.O.: Zero Paid Media as the New Marketing Model.

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