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Smart-E Loans

Finance Your Next Smart Energy Project

Smart-E Loans offer long-term, low-interest financing through Patriot Bank (a participating lender) to help Connecticut residents access affordable home energy improvements. Smart-E Loans are affordable, simple and quick to access. No matter what your goals are, investing in these improvements today can result in cost savings, greater comfort and environmental benefits for you and your family.



Energize Connecticut

Through our partnership with Energize Connecticut, Smart-E Loans offers long-term, affordable options for improving your home’s energy performance. You can finance almost any measure that makes your home’s fuel or electricity use more efficient or increase on-site energy production from clean energy sources. Connecticut has some of the highest home energy prices in the country. By making your home as energy and fuel efficient as possible, you can put money into your pocket each month. An average-sized Connecticut home could save up to $93 a month or more (that’s over $1,000 a year), after financing, from improving home energy performance. Plus, Smart-E Loans can help you meet other home improvement goals like improved comfort, a healthier home, or better performance!


You can finance almost any measure that either makes your home more energy efficient or generates renewable energy. Just be sure to stick to these guidelines.

  • 80% of the total cost of your improvements must be directly related to energy savings such as insulation, HVAC equipment replacement, natural gas conversion, solar PV and hot water systems and electric vehicle recharging. A comprehensive list of energy improvement measures can be found on the back of Smart-E Intake Form or
  • 20% of the total cost of your improvements can go to energy and health-related measures that are not on the eligible measure list, such as healthy homes improvements (e.g., asbestos, lead, or other contaminate remediation), roof repair or new ENERGY STAR® appliances.
  • This offer is subject to review and approval by the Connecticut Green Bank to confirm that the residential improvements are consistent with program guidelines and eligible improvements.


The residence where the work will take place must be:

  • 1-4 Units
  • Condominiums are eligible only if they are individually metered
  • Owner-occupied or have approval of landlord (varies)
  • The home must be a primary residence, located in the State of Connecticut

Special Note: No Home Equity is required for a Smart-E Loan!


Homeowners can choose from a broad selection of Energize Connecticut eligible contractors at or start with an energy assessment offered by their utility company Once a homeowner applies for loan approval, we should have a decision for you within days, so you can quickly finalize a proposal with your contractor.


  • The amount of any homeowner can borrow will depend on a debt-to-income calculation and credit score, but cannot exceed $25,000, or be less than $3,000.
  • For larger borrowing need, there may be other options for homeowners to finance energy improvement projects, such as a Home Equity Line of Credit.

Smart-E Loans are offered through Patriot at the following rates and terms:

5-Years = 4.49%
APR = 4.492%

7-Years = 4.99%
APR = 4.994%

10-Years = 5.99%
APR = 5.996%

12-Years = 6.99%
APR = 7.00%


  • $100 Application Fee, which is waived for current checking account customers or upon opening a checking account with Patriot Bank, including automatic payment deduction.
  • UCC Filing Fee applies (to be recorded in town land records).



Apply by completing our website form below and mailing it to Patriot Bank, 900 Bedford Street Stamford, CT 06901, ATTN: Consumer Lending, or stop by one of our branches in Fairfield, New Haven and Westchester Counties.

Click on the form below to print:

Loan Application

Please also provide us with:

  • Copies of two current pay-stubs
  • If self-employed, tax returns for past two years



You will be notified within three business days of receipt of application and all other required documents. Upon loan and Connecticut Green Bank approval, you simply go to the closest branch to sign your loan documents.


It’s that Smart-E!


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