Debit Card Controls

A mobile banking feature that puts you in control of your Debit Card.

Monitor and manage your debit card, quickly and easily.

Built-in controls and security features make it simple to keep your card in check.

  • Turn cards on/off

If your card has been lost, misplaced, or stolen, you can immediately turn it off with a single tap. If it turns up, you can turn it back on just as easily.

  • Receive purchase alerts

Get real-time usage notifications and updates every time a transaction is completed or declined.

  • Restrict or limit transactions

Control debit card usage by geographic location and merchant type, as well as international use or ATM transactions. 

  • Set spending limits

Define your own personalized debit card usage limits, so you get notified as soon as you hit your maximum.


Download the app.  

  • Access the Patriot Bank Mobile Banking app.
  • Select the Debit Card Controls option.
  • Register your Patriot Bank debit card.

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Debit Card Controls