Digital Wallet

Unlock the convenience of tap-and-go payments.

Pay for your purchases with your smartphone or smart watch

With Digital and Mobile Wallets, you can speed through checkout lines in Connecticut and New York without handling cash or writing a check.

  • Link to Patriot Bank Debit Card
  • Accepted by millions of merchants

Link your smartphone to your Patriot checking and savings accounts

When you go shopping or to a restaurant, there's no need to go digging through your pockets when it's time to pay. Just open the digital wallet app, swipe your mobile device against the payment terminal, and the money will automatically be deducted from your checking account.

  • Works with most Apple, Android and Samsung devices
  • Link your Patriot Bank debit card to your mobile device
  • Make payments by tapping or swiping phone against merchant's electronic payment terminal
  • Security safeguards stop the merchant from gaining access to your account information

Digital Wallet Apps

Every customer is different, which is why our debit cards integrate with the virtual wallet apps you love most. Patriot Bank proudly offers compatibility for all of the following virtual wallets:

Apple Pay logo

Apple Pay

Apple’s digital wallet app makes it easy to enroll a Patriot Bank debit card and save it into your phone using the pre-installed Wallet app. Once you’re set up, all you need to do is hold your device up to a contactless reader with your thumb on the TouchID pad and you’re good to go. Apple Pay automatically keeps your information private and secure and is accepted at more than 250,000 locations.

Google Pay logo

Google Pay

Simply download the Google Pay app off of the Google Play store, add your Patriot Bank debit card, and you’re ready to make in-store tap-and-go purchases using only your smartphone. You’ll get a secure payment confirmation that shows exactly where the transaction occurred, and if you ever lose your phone, you can instantly lock your device from anywhere.

Samsung Pay logo

Samsung Pay

The Samsung Pay app is available on the Google Play store and makes it easy to connect a Patriot Bank debit card. Once connected, you can use Samsung Pay to purchase things in stores, online, or in other mobile apps, and you can secure it using a fingerprint scan or an iris scan along with a pin. Every time you make a purchase, you get a confirmation that shows the exact location of the transaction.

Contact Your Digital Wallet Banking Experts

Digital wallets are an exciting, convenient new way to pay for products without needing to reach for your real wallet, and if you’re ready to see the difference, Patriot Bank makes it easy. Your Patriot Bank debit card is already set to integrate with any virtual wallet app – but if you still have questions, we’re here to answer them. Contact us today to learn more about digital wallets and how our banking services make them easy. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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