Personal Savings Accounts

Set a goal - and go for it.

Put yourself in position to take on the future.

The expression is, "Save for a rainy day." That's sound advice, but there are many other doors a smart savings strategy can open for you. Patriot Bank offers a range of accounts that helps you achieve your financial goals and get everything you want out of life.

Star Savings Account

Earn a competitive rate on deposits, then benefit from tiered rates that reward bigger balances.

Savings Account

Open an account with as little as you like and then grow your money with regular interest payments.

Youth Savings Account

Young people can earn interest on deposits as they learn lifelong lessons about money management.

Health Savings Account

Take advantage of tax benefits as you set aside money for doctor bills, dental care and vision costs.

Money Market Account

There's no trade-off necessary. You can enjoy higher rates without tying up your money for long periods.