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The Benefits of Goal-Based Financial Planning

See how setting goals and measuring success can help you save for a variety of life events and large purchases.

Understanding How Inflation Impacts Your Budget & Financial Plan

Learn how you can manage savings, debit, credit lines, and household and business expenses with inflation.

Choose the Best Checking Account for You

Explore the overall benefits of checking accounts and different options offered.

How to Calculate Business Startup Costs

Explore these tips and resources to better understand how much it will cost to start your new business and what else you should consider.

It’s Time for a 50-30-20 Budget

Get tips on how to easily budget your income to meet your financial goals.

Starting Your Emergency Savings Fund

Get tips on how to be prepared for unexpected expenses with an emergency savings fund.

Quarterly Finance Reviews Make the Most of your Dollars and Cents

Get tips on how to review your finances quarterly in order to meet your financial goals.

How Your Business Credit Score Leads to Better Business Financing

Follow these steps to improve your business’s credit score.

Free Resources for Small Business Owners to Start, Manage and Grow Their Companies

Explore free resources offered by organizations like SCORE and the SBA that can help drive success for small businesses.

Best Path to Restoring Your Financial Health

Helpful tips for getting your finances back on track after a tough few years of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Business Financing Tips for Women Entrepreneurs in CT & NY

Explore these key resources available to help women grow their businesses.

How to Create a Simple Budget

Get budgeting tips that fit your lifestyle so you can achieve your financial goals.

Common Financial Terms Every Adult Needs to Know

Learn key financial concepts to help you better manage your money with success.

Avoiding Online Scams in the Digital Age

Safety tips for protecting yourself from the latest online scams.

The Basics of Baby Savings Accounts

Here’s what you need to know about setting up a bank account for your newborn.

5 Steps for Starting a Small Business in CT or NY

Follow these steps to turn your startup idea into a thriving small business.

Identity Theft & Fraud on the Rise: How to Protect Yourself

Here’s how to spot suspicious activity and avoid common scams.

Protecting Yourself Against Debit Card Fraud

Get tips to safeguard your debit card and checking account.

Saving Money with a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account

Explore benefits and considerations for each savings account.

Financing Options for Your NY or CT Business or Startup

Fund your business idea with a financing approach that works.

Growing Your Small Business

Explore Patriot Bank’s takeaways for setting your business up for success.

How to Save More Money with CDs

See how a Certificate of Deposit can benefit your financial goals faster than a standard savings account.

Money-Saving Tips for College Students

See how you can build a budget alongside paying for college tuition.

How to Pay Off Your Debt Fast (Infographic)

Pay off your debt in 8 simple steps.

Understanding Your Credit Score (Infographic)

Discover what gets calculated in your FICO score®.