Savvy Money

Tracking your credit score is easier than ever.

Make sure you know your number.

Your credit score can be the key to obtaining a wide range of loans from personal to mortgage to auto, being approved for a lease or getting hired for certain jobs.

  • Easy digital enrollment
  • Daily score updates
  • Money-saving offers

Good things come to those with good credit

There's a lot riding on your credit score. The good news is that this three-digit number is no secret. With Savvy Money, you have access to your score anytime you need it. Plus, we'll help you cut through the clutter of financial opinions and sales pitches and show you how to use good credit to accomplish your goals while living in Connecticut, New York or elsewhere.

  • View your score directly on your Patriot Bank online banking dashboard
  • Access your score for free anytime from anywhere
  • Real-time security updates anytime your score changes
  • Learn how information on your credit report affects your score
  • Receive money-saving offers that become more attractive as your score rises
  • Sign up for this service online or on your mobile device in just a few minutes

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