Installment Loan

Make your home nicer - or your life better.

It's money to use any way that you want.

With a Installment Loan*, you can remodel your house, refurnish a room, repair a roof - or take care of anything else that's high on your list. 

  • Money for any purpose
  • No collateral necessary
  • Affordable rates

The starting point for your next project

Whether your wish list features a bigger kitchen, nicer landscaping or something completely different, you can accomplish a lot with a Patriot Bank Installment Loan. Affordable interest rates and stable monthly payments help you get things done while staying within your budget.  

  • Can be used for home improvements or other needs
  • Repay the same amount each month, making budgeting easier 
  • Minimum loan amount of $2,500
  • Maximum loan amount of $5,000 for general purpose loans
  • Maximum loan amount of $10,000 for home improvement

Patriot Bank is a full-service financial institution with branches in the Connecticut counties of Fairfield and New Haven, as well as in Scarsdale, New York.

* This is not a loan commitment. All loan requests require an application and are subject to the Bank’s credit underwriting process for the requested loan.